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Photo Credit: Hannah Bradford

Hi! My name is Sarah and this is my blog.

A little about myself:

I am from Brasil, specifically a town near São Paulo called Atibaia. My parents are from the US and lived in Brasil for around 23 years. I came to the US when I was 18 to begin college. Just a few weeks after moving to the US, I met Gary while swing-dancing at OU (the University of Oklahoma). He later became my husband in May, 2015. We adopted the most energetic puppy we could find at the animal shelter and named her Scout (like from To Kill a Mockingbird). I studied Arabic in college and have lived in Jordan for a total of around 2 years (both as a child and during my college years), so that might come up in this blog from time to time.

A little about this blog:

I intend for this blog to be something like a public journal with random thoughts, ideas, prayers, opinions and stories. I expect this might aid me in organizing my thoughts and improve my writing as well. Finally, I hope some readers might be encouraged by what they find 🙂

Side note: many of the photographs used in this blog (including the header) were taken by my lovely sister, Hannah Bradford.


Photo Credit: Hannah Bradford