Hot Chocolate and Dried Marshmallows

Recently, Gary and I have been going through old photos as we have been packing up to move to Jordan. These reminders of the past caused me to reflect back on when I first moved to the states for college. I was nineteen years old and oh so innocent. I remember one incident that occurred shortly after I began classes at OU. It still was early in the spring semester and I was diligently headed to my 8 AM class. I was wrapped up in my winter clothes, as it was still frosty outside, and as I walked down the south oval, I noticed a booth set up handing out free hot chocolate to students.

Now, a little bit of background information… We have hot chocolate in Brasil, but it is the kind that you have to mix with hot milk… there are no Swiss Miss type packets that you just mix with hot water and it’s done. Also, I had just recently been introduced to those little dried out marshmallows in the Swiss Miss packets… those were nifty.

So, I walked up to the booth, and thanked the student who promptly handed me a cup with a little packet in it. There were hot water tanks on the booth, so I figured this little packet in the cup must be an off brand of the Swiss Miss hot chocolate packets. So, I tried opening it, but as I was fumbling with the little packet, I noticed another student fill up their cup with already mixed hot chocolate from the tank. Hmm… this little packet I was struggling with wasn’t the hot chocolate mix then… it must be those little dried out marshmallows that Americans eat! So, I filled my cup with the hot chocolate and then continued trying to open my little marshmallow packet. At this point, I noticed the writing on the packet for the first time, “Extra lubrication for extra pleasure” it read. Instantly, it dawned on me that this was not a dried marshmallow packet. I look up, already feeling my face turn a bright shade of red, only to see every one of the students manning the booth looking at me with confused and somewhat disgusted faces. I abruptly shoved the condom in my pocket, grabbed my hot chocolate, made an about face and marched to class, glancing around surreptitiously, hoping that no one else had witnessed that little episode. I can only imagine what would have happened had I managed to open the packet and dump the condom into my hot chocolate!


About sarjb

I am from Brasil, specifically a town near São Paulo called Atibaia. My parents are from the US and lived in Brasil for around 23 years. I came to the US when I was 18 to begin college. Just a few weeks after moving to the US, I met Gary while swing-dancing at OU (the University of Oklahoma). He later became my husband. I studied Arabic in college and have lived in Jordan for a total of around 2 years (both as a child and during my college years).
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